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Established in 1969, our model makers manufacture scale models for developers and their architects, and also offer a bespoke laser cutting service.  As can be seen from our selected client list, we are commissioned by nationally known and respected companies, as well as SMBs and individuals.

Scale models are an invaluable tool for planning meetings and public consultations, inspiring confidence in the proposals, as well as providing a focal point to engage the public, augmenting sales.

While we use the latest laser technology in the construction of our models, we also retain traditional hand finishes, which our clients consider give our models a certain “warmth” and accessibility, often lacking with modern techniques.

We believe that our success is based on our client’s confidence in our ability to produce models to the highest standards and exacting schedules.

If you wish to discuss your requirements for any potential models, laser cutting services, or have any general queries regarding this company please contact Julie Lightburn, Manager, or one of our senior model makers.